Pillage of the Lower Mpushini (MPELA) protected area part 1

This is quick post to get attention to this problem. Below is a mail from Nick May which is self explanatory.



This is a bit of a short notice call for urgent help tomorrow morning regarding the illegal capturing a large quantity of Zebra, Nyala and Impala from the Lower Mpushini Valley.

One of the farmers next to the protected area that we have strived so hard to get officially recognised by Govt (and succeeded) is doing a game round up of 120 of the Valleys wild animals tomorrow morning starting at 5-6am. Many of you wont read this until later, but I am sure the drama will continue throughout the day.

Residents of the Valley, Honoury Ezemvelo officers, the Conservancy and all of the neighbours and most of the good folks in this whole area strive hard to keep a pristine area for fauna and flora and MPELA members and farmers, concerned people have donated most of their land to Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife in an effort to preserve South African wildlife. People of this Valley put their lives in danger regularly often to save ONE animal from being poached …and here we have complete attempt to capture 120 of the Protected Area wildlife in one huge foul swoop.

Neither MEPELA protected Area (Under Ezemvelo Biodiversity Stewardship), Honoury Officers, members of the Conservancy were notified of this and no head count of animals in this valley has been done to allow for this massive percentage of our wildlife to be relocated, and we are not talking about an emotional bunch of folks who are uninformed as to Nature Conservation Procedures, we represent a serious, officially recognised Conservation Organisation. These are animals that roam all of the properties in this area, not just this one farmers property..they certainly do not belong to any one person in this valley. This individual, Steven van Huysteen stands to gain from all of our hard work of preserving this area over many years of creating a Natural Reserve for wildlife. Most of the people in the Valley have taken their fences down so that we have a natural eco-system where animals can move freely along a corridor of Natural Bush and here we have one farmer and a game capturing outfit that intends to profiteer (and we are talking hundreds of thousands of Rands profit here) from our years of dedication and hard work, removing our natural Heritage without our permission and completely unethically.

We have already consulted our environmental lawyer who has tried to stop the procedure and unethical permits, but Van Huysteen and the game capture outfit have opted to take their chances after legal representation and go ahead with helicopters and trucks in the morning. We cannot let this happen, as once they are gone, they are gone and legal battles could go on for years and doesn’t solve the problem. All of the neighbours congregated on Van Huysteens farm yesterday in order voice our disapproval and find a solution, but, it seems that they are not interested and we have been informed that they will go ahead.

We are trying to get as many people together to block the road and disrupt the game drive as much possible between 5am and 12pm tomorrow morning (Sat 27th October).

The location is the van Huysteen farm two farms up from next to the Dusi River along the Road between Bishopstowe and Ashburton. This is the Ashburton turnoff from the N3..turn right..go to the end of the tar road (5km) and keep going straight on the dirt road (past the Quarry and Toprock Museum) for another 5km until you see all of the cars. We will have the press out here, neighbours, farmers and concerned citizens from all over Pmb and surrounding areas.

Please phone me if you are not sure how to find the place. My numbers are below.

You can also phone;

Nicole May; 083 677 77119  (Chairperson of MPELA Protected Environment Land Owners Association)
Pandora Long; 072 692 8124 (Chairperson for The Lower Mpushini Valley Conservancy)
Darlene Bond  082 933 5036 (Honoury Ezemvelo Wildlife Officer, MPELA)




About Rob Symons

My name is Rob Symons. I live in Pietermaritzburg, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. MuthiMuthi is my Zulu nickname which means tall tree. I am an Organic Farmer and an environmentalist. I live and work on Broadleaze Farm in the Mkondeni valley on the eastern outskirts of Pietermaritzburg.
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  1. Way to go Muthimuthi! High Five


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